Out September 28, 2018



Musicians are artists and creators first. They’re always thinking about their next song, their next performance, not about the next illness, bus wreck or hardship that will appear tomorrow or 10 years from now. They don’t plan for that. The original purpose of the IBMA Trust Fund was to create financial support for musicians who encounter such unplanned events. The goal is to see them through so they can get back to the music they love.With that goal in mind, Mountain Home Music Company has created Come See About Me: A Benefit for the IBMA Trust Fund. Its primary purpose is to raise money for the Trust and serve as a reminder to everyone in the Bluegrass community that in order to continue to help, it needs support from those who are able to give. All the recordings on the album are themed with a message of helping those in need, reminding us of the hardships that face all of us, and bringing a message of hope and caring.

Come See About Me comes from the final track of the album which is a Bluegrass “We Are the World” effort produced by Lawson and showcasing multiple artists including; Doyle Lawson, Josh Swift, Joe Dean, Dustin Pyrtle, Eli Johnston, Stephen Burwell, David Johnson, Caleb Smith, Tim Surrett, Audie McGinnis, Terry Eldredge, Donna Ulisse, Darin Aldridge, Brooke Aldridge, Steve Dilling, Skip Cherryholmes, Troy Boone, Bailey Coe, Daniel Greeson, Terry Smith, Darren Nicholson, John Bryan, Kyle Cantrell, Becky Cantrell and Chris Jones.

Sideline kicks off the selection of songs with an original song from Mark Brinkman, “Their Hands Made the Music.” This song truly embodies the message of the IBMA Trust Fund and was written especially to shed light on this cause.

Balsam Range offers “We’re All in This Together.” Here the band trades off lead vocal duties and equally split instrumental breaks to create a feeling of cooperation that is reflected in the lyrics of the songs.

Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver included two songs on the album with “All the Good Things We Could Do” written by multiple IBMA award-winning writer Donna Ulisse and “We’ll Never Walk Alone” from writer Randy Swift. Each one of these sewing seeds of hope for relief of suffering and a look ahead for better and brighter times. “A Little Trust” is another Donna Ulisse song written and performed by Donna with the help of Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver and her own band. Donna sweetly sings this song about how we can all use our own power of love and have a little trust.

The Grascals add some fun to the often serious subject of coming to aid to those in need with an upbeat cover of the classic Beatles song “Help.” Terry Eldridge sings lead and the song has that distinct fun-loving Grascals style.
Newcomers to the label group family, Love Canon add another well-known cover song with their version of Randy Newman’s classic “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” Known for their creative arrangements, interesting covers, and instrumental prowess, Love Canon is a welcome addition to the line-up.

Chris Jones and the Night Drivers also give an out-of-the-box approach with their song “Glimpse of the Kingdom.” It’s one written by the band and is an interesting spiritual song performed in a minor key that gives it an other-worldly feel.

Darin and Brooke Aldridge’s “Those Tears” starts as a heartbreaking ballad but concludes with a message of faith and a reminder that faith holds hope for healing.

Lonesome River Band joins Brooke Aldridge as she and LRB lead singer Brandon Rickman deliver a powerful duet of the Townes Van Zandt classic “If I Needed You.” This song flows right along with LRB’s Country Bluegrass style.

This project is made possible by The Mountain Home stable of artists, staff, publicists, and songwriters, in cooperation with IBMA and IBMA Trust Fund are all volunteering to put Come See About Me together, giving their time and creativity to support this cause for musician aid.

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