YMCA : Words : Victor Edward Willis , Henri Belolo / Japanese translation: Ryuji Amagai / Composition: Jacques Morali
Taken from « EG 11 » E-girls 5th album (out now)

E-girls (sometimes stylized as E-Girls or e-girls; stands for Exile Girls) are a Japanese collective girl group who are signed to music label Rhythm Zone, and managed by LDH and Avex Trax. As of 2017, the band consists of 11 members; 8 of which feature all current members from the groups Happiness and Flower. Additionally, three original members were scouted in Japan and added as part of the group. Created as a sister act to boy band Exile, E-girls debuted in 2011 with their single « Celebration ». After a string of promotional recordings, E-girls released their debut record Lesson 1 two years later. In 2013, their single « Gomennasai no Kissing You » catapulted the girls into commercial success, selling over 100,000 units, and its parent album Colorful Pop (2014), was met with positive reviews and high performance on the Oricon Albums Chart. With several members departing from the group, E-girls released their third album E.G. Time (2015), which saw a change in their music and vocal deliveries. That same year, LDH announced changes to their line-up, which resulted in absence with some members for their singles « Anniversary!! » and « Dance Dance Dance ». Beginning the year with their greatest hits album E.G. Smile: E-girls Best (2016), the group announced their E.G. Pop and E.G. Cool themes with the singles « E.G. Summer Rider », « Pink Champagne » and « Go! Go! Let’s Go! ». Their fourth album, E.G. Crazy, was released in January 2017. Beginning as a Japanese idol group, E-girls have branched out and conceive a variety of different appeals and cultures as their career progressed, and have become one of the most prominent girl groups in Japanese music. Additionally, their musical style, starting off as soft J-pop and dance music, began to expand as following albums were released. Since their debut, three sub-units have been formed by selected members from E-girls, and have explored both music and fashion endeavours (Wikipedia)

Photo : Norio NAKAYAMA – Flickr: MTV VMAJ 2014 (Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0)